Ocean Plastic Webinars, a new webinar series for scientists from different fields with an interest in the origin and fate of ocean plastics!

In light of acknowledging the need for ‘open science’ and reducing our carbon footprint, we hope that this new platform will encourage you and other ocean plastic scientists from any field (biologists, physicists, chemists etc) to share research and collaborate internationally. During these pandemic times, other webinars have proved to be highly successful, so we were motivated to try it for ocean plastic research too! The talks will be once a month and focused on current knowledge gaps and the next steps/collaborations required. 

We will promote short and various formats for presentations to keep the webinars lively and interactive such as 30-min talks + 30-min Q&A or 10-min intro and 50-min panel discussions.

All webinars (both live and archived) are accessible on our YouTube channel. You can also find information following @OceanPlasticWeb on Twitter or on our webpage.

Join our mailing list:

If you would like to receive our emails announcing the next talks, send an email to:  sympa@framalistes.org with subject: Subscribe OPW <first name> <last name>

Become a speaker: 

If you would like to present, we would be really happy to add you to our list. We highly encourage Early Career Researchers to contact us too 🙂 

Who we are :

AUDREY HASSON  is head of the GEO Blue Planet European Office in France(https://geoblueplanet.org), hosted by Mercator Ocean International. She is a physical oceanographer, interested in tracking ocean plastic using satellite observations..

DELPHINE LOBELLE  is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, in the TOPIOSteam. She is a physical oceanographer modelling the 3D Lagrangian transport of ocean plastic.

RYOTA NAKAJIMA is a researcher at JAMSTEC, Japan (Marine Plastic Research Group). He is a biological oceanographer, with interests in the fate and impact of plastic debris in the deep-sea environment.

TAKUNDA CHITAKA is completing her PhD at the University of Cape TownSouth Africa. She is a chemical engineer focusing on the life cycle management of plastic in the context of marine pollution.